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A versatile soprano singer, Annissa started singing at the tender age of 5.She studied classical music at the Paris Music School Francis Poulenc through her teens, and then took a break to focus on her studies.

While taking private singing lessons, Annissa started looking for music opportunities, auditioning to anything that could get her noticed: Record labels, TV shows, girls band… with very little success. After this, she decided to take another break to decide whether she was still going to "try and make it" or if she was simply going to give up on her dreams and move on.

Then something happened. A close friend of hers sent her a song that she said would "really suit her voice". This song was "Mother Earth" by Within Temptation.

This song blew Annissa away. She had discovered a new genre called Symphonic Metal, a mix of metal saturated guitars and almost operatic vocals.

As it turned out, her friend was right : this song (and genre in general) suited her voice to perfection.

She had found her place…In Symphonic Metal music!

From that point on Annissa decided to try for a music career once again, this time as a fully independent musician.

Given her interest in mythologies and ancient tales, she chose to focus her efforts on writing songs that would be a blend of Symphonic Metal music and story telling.

Presently, Annissa is actively working on writing her very first EP, a Symphonic metal work about Greek Goddess Persephone.



VIDEO : Wanna hear the first song?

13 JULY 2019

I'm sharing a very rough pre-demo song, just to give you an idea of the vibe of the album....

Head over to the MEDIA section to hear it!

NEWS : Two songs finalised!

13 JULY 2019

Tom, Josh (my co-writers) and I are making real progress on the songs.....

We have now finalised two of them, and getting close to finalising a third one...

VIDEO : Songwriting Session #2

13 JULY 2019

The Video of my second songwriting session is now available, featuring a Q&A session with both my co-writers Tom and Josh.

Head over to the MEDIA section to watch it!





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